New Devil May Cry 5 demo available for download today

Gaming consoles have improved a lot since the release of PlayStation 1 by Sony. At the time, there was nothing I enjoyed more than playing that game. I remember it only came with one pad. The PS4 of today looks nothing like its distant predecessor. In terms of hardware, the design of the pads alone is quite different. We are really in the future people. Before the PlayStation there was the Sega series. That was quite the time, cartridges were in play in place of the conventional disks. Actually these days one doesn’t require a disk in order to play a game. Demo is available for download if the console is connected to WiFi.

Devil May Cry 5 Demo

Which brings us to today’s discussion. Devil May Cry 5 released another demo today for the PS4 and Xbox One. Back in December of last year, the first one was released exclusively to Xbox One users. Now the developers have said that those who play the demo will be awarded 30,000 red orbs in the full game. Quite the offer if you ask me. Red orbs are used to improve weapons and unlock abilities, quite the prize if you ask me. Fans of the game will really be looking forward to downloading it.

In my opinion, the PlayStation community is far larger than the Xbox community. Meaning now is when most fans of the game will be able to play it. I’m sure a lot of PlayStation gamers were angry the first demo was only for the Xbox one. Not to worry,March 8th isn’t that much further. Open world games such as devil may cry that have been in the industry for so long usually have quite the following. Reviews showed that the number of Xbox accounts that downloaded the demo was impressive.

If by any chance you’ve already played the demo, tell us your experience in the comments section below.