New alternative for Tumblr called Youllo lets you import Tumblr blog easily

Tumblr had been the go to for lots of people for a long time. Their user-base was almost unopposed. However, we all know no one has as much data as Facebook. I mean, I joined Facebook when I was 10 years old. Back when it was the coolest thing in town. It felt so exciting and new at the time, now I can’t bare the interface we’ve all grown so used to. Tumblr’s decision to fight against adult content has brought them a lot of heat. Naturally, users will look for alternatives when they start feeling judged and somewhat segregated. Youllo is one of the upcoming alternatives.

The platform calls itself the new adult social blogging network. Their Twitter bio clearly reads that they welcome Tumblr refugees. If you don’t believe it you can go ahead and check for yourself. In their definition of their platform a message reads ‘Youllo is a trustworthy and inspiring place to publish and view adult content. It is a new kind of social network, made to enjoy a naughty lifestyle’. I’m sure now you can see why Tumblr refugees would feel very welcomed there.

What makes Youllo stand out from the competition

The key selling point for this platform is that it offers users the option to import Tumblr blogs. If you’ve ever used a blog or Tumblr for that matter, you understand how big an advantage this is. No one likes to start afresh. Not after you had done so much to move ahead and gain followers or likes.

The only tricky part is that there are a few steps to follow in order to achieve it. Users should not delete their Tumblr accounts since it is part of step one in the process. First, download and install the application on your device. Once it is launched, there will be an ‘import Tumblr blog’ option. Select the option and proceed to create a Tumblr app. Whilst registering for an application on Tumblr, some details will be required to move on to the next step. Fill them. The last step will be to enter the OAuth Consumer key and the Secret key. Furthermore, there is a preview tool to view how your Tumblr blogs will look on Youllo.

Go ahead and try it. If it succeeds then you followed the instructions correctly, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.