Motorola’s New Patent Teases A Foldable RAZR Phone

CES 2019 was a huge success. We saw great minds express great ideas, among them the was Samsung’s foldable phone. Recent reports indicate that Motorola might be following in Samsung’s footsteps. We all remember their Razr brand. It has been way too long since they refreshed the series. Well it’s about time. When I think Razr brand, I think flip phone. That’s not the kind of foldable the patent speaks about however.

The reports stated clearly that the brand would be releasing a foldable smartphone. I don’t remember flip phones as smartphones, so that puts my initial thoughts to bed. Can they do it? The images from the patent show a glimpse of the expected design. From our recent posts about patents, it is clear that they come with very little detail. Details that are subject to change at any point. The features deduced from the patent are as follows:

  • Clamshell form factor with a OLED display. Note that the OLED display is what enables the phone to fold. The clamshell form factor has been seen before in Razr handsets. But not one like this.
  • Rounded bottom with speaker. This suggests that the overall look of the phone will suite the Razr series perfectly.

Knowing all to well that patent talk is not reliable, we await for further developments on the story. For all we know, Motorola might go for the triple lens like Apple supposedly was. However, it is highly unlikely that the device will compete with the likes of iPhone X. Oppo and Xiaomi have also come a long way in the industry. Seemingly overtaking Motorola with recent high end releases such as the Oppo F9.

The comeback device is set to hit markets at $1500 dollars. Will it restore the Razr brand to recent glory? At a point in time, Razr flip phones were all over. It was so common that I had one!