MiUnlockTool cracks Xiaomi phones’ bootloader

We all know how security is a touchy subject when it comes to the phone industry. The amount of personal data we put on phones these days makes it important for the info to be safe. Can you imagine someone getting access to everything that’s on your phone. Including passwords and money transactions. No one would wish that on anyone. That’s why companies like Apple make sure their security is tight. China based companies such as Xiaomi also try to achieve this. However, Apple has an edge in terms of security because they have an in-house Operating System. The fact that some Xiaomi phones run Android make them vulnerable. This leads to the development of tools such as the MiUnlocktool.

What is the MiUnlockTool?

This tool is written on Java, so the latest JRE(Java Runtime Environment) needs to be installed beforehand. JavaFX is also required in order to use the GUI(Graphical User Interface). GUI means the part of the system the users sees and can interact with. The only issue with this tool is that it uses command line arguments. Personally, I’m used to it now. However, most users have a negative reaction to this because it usually seems hard to use. I can attest to the fact that it really isn’t.

When Xiaomi phones are manufactured and released for sale, they often have a default OS that isn’t flexible. By flexible I mean the phone might be limited for use only in Asia. Whereas maybe my plan was to sell it in Africa. This is were tools like the MiUnlockTool come in handy. People use these tools on these phones so that they can ship them off to someone who’s desperate enough to pay more than the real value. When I put it like this it seems so wrong, but I don’t believe it is. I believe we all have to survive in this world, one way or another.

The tool is still a work in progress but if it was success for you feel free to share. The comment section below was meant for just that.