Microsoft kills Windows Phone, asks users to move to either Android, iOS

When Nokia Lumia burst onto the scene with a Windows OS, we thought Microsoft was set for greater heights. Now it feels like it was always going to happen. Although many had foretold this gruesome end, the fans were still optimistic. Much to their disappointment. The company issued an End of Support document which forces users to move to either Android or iOS.

Microsoft put up a ‘Windows 10 Mobile End of Support:FAQ’ to manage the questions pouring in. Windows devices used Outlook for Cloud storage. Contacts, photos,videos and the like were all backed up there per the users request. It’s sad that from an Android or iOS phone they can’t access the Outlook cloud service. The only way to access the data is through a computer, something that seems to be quite a delimiter. Who wants to have contacts just on their computer?

The Redmond-based powerhouse notified it’s users that security updates for Windows 10 Mobile will stop on December 10, 2019. This doesn’t mean that the devices will be useless, further updates or support will however not be provided. Application developers will suffer a huge loss due to the now neglected apps in the windows store. Smart software developers would have posted the app on all the other stores as well. So no spilt milk really once the users switch to a new, well-supported Operating System. Microsoft confirmed that the applications were completely independent of the OS’s life cycle for those who wish to continue using the devices.

The end of Windows 10 Mobile does not come as a surprise at all. Some believe they’ve survived too long even. Microsoft indeed tried their level best to keep the dream alive. Joe Belfiore, an employee at the company confirmed that developers hadn’t embraced the mobile platform as much as they had hoped. Simply put, the mobile community was much too small for investors.