Meizu says that phones will soon have no buttons, ports or holes

The future of phones is really quite hard to predict. While some concepts speak of all-glass devices, others say hologram technology is close to major breakthroughs. Meizu recently weighed in on the matter. Future phones will supposedly lack a lot of the current features they posses – headphone jacks, speaker grills, sim card slots and USB ports will all be removed. Can you imagine your current phone without all these features? I can’t either. Apple have released their new earphones, airpods. Airpods don’t have the conventional cable and jack that we’ve grown used to. Is this a move towards no ports? Could be.

Earlier this week, Meizu unveiled their new phone. It is of a ceramic make devoid of holes or ports. The following are the specifications of the Meizu Zero:

  • It’s processor is the Snapdragon 845.
  • Wireless charging much like Samsung’s but quite fast. 18W fast.
  • IP68 water and dust resistance. Anyone who knows phones knows how expensive this feature is to implement.
  • 6″¬†AMOLED display.
  • Fingerprint reader.
  • Virtual side buttons. Something we’ve seen in the HTC U12.

It is clear that the lack of ports is the most conspicuous feature. The rest of the specifications have been seen before. Samsung S9 for example competes quite favorably, and it was released in 2018. Therefore, Meizu will be praying that users embrace the no holes or ports idea.

Apple has made a name for itself over the years. They have grown to be the most recognized phone company in the world. Features like their sleek hardware and good camera have become hallmarks of their greatness. People love iPhone devices mostly because of the high resolution cameras. Reports say that they may even be improving the camera technology on their release this year. Talks of the triple lens concept has become a matter of public knowledge.

Is Meizu planning to pull off an Apple?

By this I mean, will they make no holes or ports the new thing? Like Apple made good cameras the ‘it’ thing. It will be a herculean task for sure. No ports means wireless chargers and wireless headphones or earphones as well. Phones with these specs are obviously going to be very expensive. And is the world really ready to move away from ports? I mean, what if my charger got spoilt? I won’t be able to borrow one from my neighbor, as is tradition. Such constraints are what we’re not ready for. In my opinion. But anything is possible, let’s see what happens.