MakeLoveNotPorn said to be greatly benefiting from Tumblr’s downfall

Social media has become a somewhat basic need over the years. Facebook was the first to lead the pack. I remember the application felt so exciting and fun back in the day. Back in the day when poking was considered ‘cool’. Note that I have always been a weird kid so my definition of cool might not really pass for you. However, competition has been growing with the introduction of more platforms – Tumblr, MakeLoveNotPorn and Instagram. I have to say that Instagram is by far my favorite by far. Their interface is very attractive. The developers used JavaScript as opposed to the simple Facebook PHP design.

Recently, Tumblr has been under fire over the adult content. We’ve seen Apple go to the extremity of kicking them out of the Apple store. Well, we all know how stingy Apple are with their products. Maybe this explains why they are still sticking to their over-sized notch as other companies move on to bigger and better things. Tumblr has consequentially been losing users who now seek refuge elsewhere. MakeLoveNotPorn is among the long list of options available to them.

Has MakeLoveNotPorn benefited from Tumblr’s recent struggles?

Cindy Gallop, the Founder, recently highlighted that Tumblr’s misfortunes have proven to be blessings for them. The application has supposedly been around for 10 years. It’s funny how I only heard about it recently. Furthermore, word on the ground says that this application was designed for sexual education. It was designed based on the sad reality that people depend on porn for sex education. The sad reality that no one will ever feel comfortable talking about sex.

But at least on this platform people can hide behind user names and confident facades to express themselves. The generation ahead of us views social media as fake news and peacocking. Sometimes I think the same. Is it true though? I figure it is a matter of preference. Some will say it is a form of expression while others will say it is a causes depression. What do you think? Tell us what you think about this along with the MakeLoveNotPorn application in the comments section below.