LG to launch detachable secondary display with its new flagship

LG is a really huge company that has invested in a lot of markets – phones, fridges, televisions. The fact that their resources are so stretched might be why their phone industry has lagged behind. Compared to the likes of Apple and Samsung, LG phones rarely compete. The G series has had a few good reviews in the past but they wouldn’t pass as brilliant. Is 2019 their year? Do they plan to take the world by storm with a cool new look? Time will tell.

LG G8 will be hitting the markets soon compared to other phones like the iPhone. Next month. They have come up with a new cutting-edge screen technology that will compete with the Samsung Galaxy X. The screen display will be made up of two screens to increase the resolution power. The exact size of the screen is still not certain but dependable reports will be coming in soon. Rumors say that it will approximately be the size of a large phone or a small tablet.

The CES 2019 saw the development of ‘foldable’ phones come to light. Previously it was believed that LG’s February release might put this technology to the test. Not happening. To make room for incorporation of the dual screen technology, the size of the phone will be rather thick. Compared to their previous sleek designs, the device is going to have a large seam down the middle of the two screens.

Fans are really excited about talk of the touch-less input. The LG G8 is said to have sensors that detect hand gestures for input. Imagine a hand gesture password, so cool!

Why two screens?

Apparently LG chose two screens because of the financial repercussions of making one that can be folded. Was it worth it? The stock markets shall decide.