LG G8 ThinQ with 128 GB rumored to hit markets at around $900

Over the years, LG has established itself as a major player in the game. It might not boast of having a following like Apple’s, but their services are top notch.  The LG G8 ThinQ will be hitting markets after the MWC 2019. Rumors about the device specifications have already started to do rounds. Among them is ToF sensors which are meant to improve the selfie camera. In doing this, the face unlocking and 3D animated emojis functionalities will work way better. LG G8 ThinQ will also run the Snapdragon 855. This feature is quite high end considering there is no better processor in market that I have heard of. Even the likes of Apple and Samsung will surely envy this feature.

How much will the LG G8 ThinQ cost?

According to a post from Reddit, the price will be slightly over 900$. Considering all the specifications they are planning to implement, this price doesn’t sound so outrageous. The feasibility of buying all those Snapdragon processors is surely the cause of such a high price. How else will they keep up with the other big shots in the industry. Breaking the bank has worked for many people in such situations. Take England’s Manchester City for example, they broke the bank and bought expensive players that have since then brought quality and success to the club. Personally, I support the endeavor.

Other rumored specifications include a notched screen. This comes as a surprise as I had thought they would try and emulate Samsung and Oppo in doing away with this. Not that the notch is so bad, it’s just that Oppo’s full HD screen looks so cool. I want to see that more. Samsung somewhat emulated them with their punch hole, but that device is yet to be released. The LG G8 ThinQ is said to also have the USB-C port. We heard rumors that Apple were also interested in using this technology. As we all know, all these details are subject to change till the official release. We will keep you posted.