LG G8 may be first to implement touch-free gesture controls in 2019

When touch-screen phones came out in 2007, the technology was a major breakthrough in the industry. Fans were really excited to say the least, phones such as the IDEOS had blown fans away. It was one of the first devices that implemented this idea. Since then, users have got used to phones with touch screens. Almost all high-end devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung are touch screen enabled. Companies such as LG however plan to finally move away from this and go into the future. The LG G8 will be one of the first phones with gesture controls, according to reports.

Apart from the gesture controls, LG G8 also plans to improve their screen technology as well. CES 2019 saw Samsung unveil their new foldable phone. Naturally, other companies will try to match the technology in a bid to stay relevant. Can LG pull it off? They probably can. Recent concepts of the phone show that the device has a dual screen display that completely revolutionizes the game. This tech is nothing like what Samsung has come up with, but it works. Could it be better? It is hard to say considering Samsung is quite a large company. The Korean based company has already proven to us that they can do it, let’s wait for LG to do the same.

How long do we have to wait?

The official LG G8 release date is set to February 24th. This is less than a month from now, LG fans all around the world simply can’t wait. LG G8 promises to be quite futuristic, I hope they do not disappoint. We are used to the fact that concepts rarely get it completely correct. Detailed specifications such as processor features or camera resolution are unavailable as usual.

LG sent emails to media outlets such as TechRadar to confirm the story of the launching dates. The email also contained a link to a video that demonstrates the gesture technology. In the video, a hand looks to change what is written on the paper simply by hovering above it. The type of sensors employed to establish such dynamic movement can’t be cheap.

We only hope that the LG G8 will live up to all the ripples it has sent in the phone industry. Since Samsung will supposedly release the Samsung Galaxy S10 four days before LG G8, there will surely be more teases around the time. Stay tuned!