LG G8 2019 to feature an OLED screen speaker

LG has been slowly rising through the ranks over the years. The phone industry has a lot of competition but still they manage to sort of stand out.Producing the wide range of goods that LG produces is no easy task. It takes a lot of capital as well as manpower. The labor has to be really skilled to be able to compete on the same scope as Samsung and Apple. 2019 is looking to be quite a competitive year in terms of phone technology. Does LG have anything to match Samsung’s reverse charging feature? They just might. Reports say that Lg plans to implement an OLED screen that produces sound.

Is the OLED screen speaker something to look forward to?

Traditionally, LG devices have LCD screens like most of the other devices. LG has the LG 8 upcoming in 2019. Whether or not this will be good enough to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple is up to the fans to decide. Personally, I can’t wait to see how they plan to implement the screen speaker feature. Supposedly, the OLED screen will be vibrating to produce sound. In my imagination this seems quite hard to achieve. I believe the vibrations might mess with the display. However, anything is possible to these big shots. I thought airpods were things of the future, it seems we’re already in the future.

Sound quality is a major priority for LG this year. Apart from the OLED screen speaker, the device will still have speakers at the rear for sound quality. Apparently the two will be linked so that the one at the front functions as a stereo output. My favorite specification of the LG devices is the display. I really enjoy how colorful and dynamic it is. Furthermore, the device is going to be equipped with a Boombox speaker. This will really help the bass aspect a lot. More when the device is placed on a table for example.