Lenovo Teases Quadruple-Camera Smartphone

Huawei’s P20 Pro was the first smartphone to introduce a triple-camera setup this year. Samsung Galaxy A9s will soon follow this year to come with a quartet of cameras in the back and will release on October 11. However, now Lenovo has plans to jump on the bandwagon as it too has posted a teaser with a quad camera setup. The recent teaser by the company’s Vice President Chang Cheng has confirmed that Samsung will not be alone this year to launch a phone with a quartet of cameras in the back.

The teaser shows the camera set up to have a resemblance with the camera setup of the upcoming Mate 20 series albeit without a flash and with an additional sensor.

The teaser also hints that the mysterious phone might be releasing in October, although the exact release date has not been confirmed yet. Details available at the moment are scarce, but we do know for sure that the phone will have a quad camera set up on the rear.

However, keeping in mind that Lenovo’s Chang Cheng has previously misled consumers with his posts. Way back in May, the Vice President hinted at an entirely bezel-less smartphone called the Z5. However, when the smartphone was finally unveiled, it proved to be an utter disappointment due to the presence of both a chin and a notch, two details that were not mentioned in his teasers.

This teaser should be taken with a grain of salt and without any expectations until the final product is unveiled. So until then just wait for the launch of this upcoming smartphone and we will soon see how much of the information about the device is accurate according to the teaser.