Lenovo Partnering With LG To Make A Foldable Tablet [REPORT]

The era of foldable smartphones is arriving soon in the world of tech. And it looks like Lenovo is jumping on that bandwagon to bring us foldable tablets in the near future.

The Lenovo foldable tablet will sport a 13-inch display when it’s opened, and between 8 to 9 inches when folded. The technology will be sourced from LG Display according to ETNews report.

No other details have surfaced so far about the foldable tablet. No indication as to how the screen flexibility would function, no clues about the exterior of the device. We’re also in the dark about what kind of component will be utilized under the hood and which operating system will run the tablet .The software will probably have to be customized to adapt to the screen dimensions based on the way it’s being used.

Earlier we glimpsed an unnamed Lenovo smartphone in a teaser video. It showed the handset had a hinge that was visible on the side as the handset is folded. The screen appeared to be seamlessly bending to fit around the frame even with the screen on and functioning. The Lenovo tease also revealed that the screen will be separate from the body.

Well looks like Lenovo is now jumping straight to foldable tablets according to reports. Lenovo believes foldable screens in tablets are superior to foldable smartphones. Their theory being that when you fold a smartphone screen, it’s just hidden away and useless until you unfold it again. But a tablet on your desk could have a function for the foldable screen, according to Lenovo.

Let’s see how the Lenovo foldable tablet will measure up against the foldable Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone:

Display and Design

It still looks like a prototype model with large bezels and a thicker frame. Things that are long obsolete in smartphones now. But it does add a developing folding technology, so we can expect this design drop. However, we assumed that Samsung would splash out more on creating an aesthetic final product for its Galaxy phone.

Samsung has declared it wants to be the first to release a true folding smartphone. If it does debut in early 2019, it will let Samsung claim the feat. Even with the possibility of rivals like Apple planning on intercepting this feat.

Winner is the finalized internal codename for the folding smartphone, while the LTE reference speculates that the latest Exynos chipsets will be used in this particular model since a Qualcomm Snapdragon variant would most likely be coined “winnerqlte.” The handset is also expected to sport a seven-inch display when laid out completely flat.

We can also safely assume that the device will launch with Android Pie since configuration files apparently only appear in the Android Pie framework files.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone Price

It’s also expected to retail at a very high price ($2000 would not be a surprise at this point) and to be manufactured in limited numbers. It won’t be ‘mainstream’ in the way that the Galaxy S flagships are. Instead, it will reiterate that Samsung is still more than capable of innovation and creating something genuinely unique in the smartphone universe.