Launch of the new all white Facebook design nears lift off

User Interface is a very big part of what makes users keep coming back. Or rather, what makes an application get more downloads. First of all, no one wants an interface that is hard to understand. It has to be simple so that the user is comfortable using it. Take the Facebook app for example. Aside from it being a social media, part of what made it so popular was the simplicity. The fact that it could launch on a device I had back in 2012 just goes to stress the point. As the white Facebook design launch comes close, fans are getting more and more hyped up about it.

We recently published an article about the dark mode coming to iOS 13. This white Facebook design might be a step to ensure the dark mode works perfectly. The hallmark blue theme Facebook has had for forever is almost leaving the scene. It’s weird how after two months of using it we won’t even remember how it looked. Take WhatsApp for example, no one remembers how it looked in 2010. The User Interface was not what Facebook has helped it become today. We have to admit that even though people hate on Facebook’s ‘greedy’ nature, they help the companies they take under their wing a lot. Even Instagram is a testimony to this.

What else is new apart from the white Facebook design?

In the recent past, Facebook has fallen victim to a lot of scandals. All of which involved data privacy. Apparently, it was believed that Facebook might have been selling user data. Can you imagine how much data Facebook has on you? Heck, it even knows all the games I play. Along with which levels I’ve completed. It is sad for a company with such a huge user-base to be thought of as being careless with users’ data. However, the white Facebook design is a good step towards regaining all the users they lost.

But will they come back simply because of a change in the UI? I think they need a change in their whole idea. Recently we posted an article that talked about users complaining that Facebook was showing their current phone numbers. There has to be a more strict set of data abstraction rules. This cannot stand.