Latest iOS beta to have ‘AirPods 2’ and ‘Hey Siri’ setup screen

Talks about the Apples latest iOS beta version have just began. Apple has done well in ensuring they remain relevant by introduction of new technology. There is a wise saying that says it is harder to keep top position than it is to get there. Apple’s prospects for 2019 seem to be the size of Jupiter. With talks about better cameras and new iOS version releases, they are currently ahead of the game. Even though they are yet to release any devices. Is it just that the Apple community is bigger than the rest of us or is it that the superiority complex was already established? Because I don’t see nearly as much concepts even from Samsung.

Apple is close to releasing a second generation of the Airpods. The ‘Airpods 2’ will supposedly be capable of native interactions with Siri. Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, faces no competition in the AI field today. Samsung’s Bixpy tried but to no avail. The time and effort Apple have dedicated to developing Siri is second to none. Hence the dominance. The new release will have an interface much like the existing “Hey Siri” configuration. Although it is still not available to users, Siri will supposedly include an Airpods 2 library in it’s code. Meaning, she will learn to work with the wireless earphones.

What improvements will be available?

Conventionally, in order for Siri to hear you, you phone’s screen needs to be on. The Airpods technology will however change this. New functionalities such as speaking while your device is in your pocket will be enabled. The Airpods 2 will supposedly be able to wirelessy transmit commands to your phone. Cool right? I can already imagine changing songs with voice commands. Since the current Airpods are unable to support this functionality, the release of iOS beta will be followed by a next-gen Airpods model.

Rumblings of the new Airpods continue but will Apple really back up this big talk? They have done it before, it isn’t hard to believe that they will again. Developments on the story will be posted here.