Kodi v18 ‘Leia’ Available For Download Now

The popular media center software Kodi is almost ready with a new update. The v18 nicknamed as Leia is now the fourth beta release.

For those following the beta release cycle dedicatedly – there’s good news because it seems the official release will surely have something for everyone.

The Kodi website posted an official announcement, celebrating the fact that the current beta has proved to be significantly successful. While the post was encouraging that it should be safe for people to test it out in its present state, keep in mind that it is still a beta software and as always a backup is a good idea. Anything can happen when a software is involved, so better safe than sorry right?

The entire changelog for Kodi v18 Leia is apparently “almost impossible” to create, but we still have some information to go on for a while. The team at Kodi shared a few points, with each of the points highlighting an area of significant change in beta 4.

  • Finally implemented binary repository for Android, OSX and Windows
  • Further improve controller handling
  • Fix playback of files in playlists that have mixed content of audio and video
  • Fix possible crash on exit
  • Bump NFS library to 3.0
  • Various other code improvements and cleanups

The most noticeable change in this version is the removal of pre-installed binary Kodi add-ons from the install package. Which means you won’t have to download an entire build just to refresh the binary add-ons, as they can be updated independently.

Also the Kodi software you end up downloading will only be featuring the basics.

All things considered the current release seems to be quite promising for sure. Especially since their key focus seems to be stability and if you have ever encountered issues while watching a movie and then spending the rest of the movie debugging the issue, we’re confident you’ll agree with us that stability is indeed the key in something like a media center app.

For now we’re waiting with anticipation how the final Kodi v18 Leia update will look like when it’s finally ready for its debut, but we can be sure it’s going to be great. Check the Kodi Wiki out for more in-depth, as for download links for latest beta APK for Android, iOS app, and even Windows or Mac version, head on over to