New Kodi 18 RC5 available for download for Android and iOS

Since it’s first release in 2002, the Kodi software has really come a long way in providing the perfect user experience. Soon, the V18(Leila) will be released. It seems that the software development team do not get an ounce of sleep seeing that they only recently released the candidate five. They however informed the media that the update they are working on will be the last candidate release to finalize the V18.0.

Naturally, before a software update is released into the market, it has to pass a few tests to deem it viable to the consumer. The v18 RC5 went through plenty of tests and it looks like it passed every one of them. The notable improvements made to the software are as follows:

  • The UI on Android phones had a few glitches during HDR playbacks, this was solved.
  • Before the new release, whenever there was no chapter present the software always crashed out when trying to resume audio book, they have managed to prevent it.
  • The music library was lacking a very important option, ‘All Albums’. The new release has the option.
  • There was a crash in Windows operating systems in relation to change in ffmpeg during DVD playbacks. This is also in the past now.
  • The software development team also made the new model compatible with older MySQL databases.
  • Whenever the Abort of ScriptObserver does not wait for a thread exit, it causes the software to collapse. The team was able to improve this so that it waits for a thread exit.
  • In certain cases, passwords and usernames were not being sorted well and so sometimes there was problems with logging in. This is now a non-issue since the problem was taken care of.

Fans have been waiting long enough for the software to be ready and they will surely rejoice to hear this news. Downloads are available at for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS.