Kodi 18 Final Version Finally Released And Available For Download

Kodi 18 Leia Final version is available for download for the following platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and many more. Since it’s release, the software has been on a steady upward curve. Previous updates have always made it better in various aspects. Although we all know users just want to see something pretty. Something as simple as tweaking the color scheme will do for some users.

For the developers, I can’t imagine how tough the past few months have been for them. Constantly on deadlines to implement a certain feature in a certain way. Kodi 18 Final version is already up on their website. Before an application can be posted on any store, it must undergo an approval process. Windows and Xbox are platforms known to be very strict on this end. Before a software makes it to their stores, it has to be good. Although we won’t lack the occasional spec that survives the selection. Human is to error, we need to hasten the AI revolution.

Fans have really been waiting for a long time. The project was huge and hence needed a lot of work. Luckily, they’ve made it to the end. Out of shear hard work and dedication. I have myself developed a software before, just for school. It was quite a task. Having a deadline only makes it worse, so I can relate to the pressure they’ve been under for so long. Reports say that 36 different developers worked on the project. Coming up with approximately 500,000 lines of code. 1000 lines alone are enough to give one a headache.

What are the improvements for the Kodi 18 Final version?

The Kodi 18 Final version comes with a bunch of new exciting features. Among the highlights was better support for 4K HDR content. Something fan concepts were really looking forward to. Support for digital rights management was also enabled. They also made changes to Android’s lean back mode and voice recognition. The voice recognition feature is implemented using AI technology, I’m sure this took a lot of time to perfect. But with a team of 36 developers, such tasks become less herculean. After all, we need that team work to make that dream work.