Kodi 18.1 RC1 finally comes out and here are the details of what changed

We all know how much the Kodi fans have waited for this day for so long. The Software engineering process of today is quite detailed. Before a software is released into the market, it has to go through a lot of testing. The Kodi developers have been hard at work releasing beta, alpha and release candidates. Now, they have finally released the Kodi 18.1 RC1 on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The road  to here as brought about a lot of updated features. However, there never misses the occasional bug that users will report about and you have to fix. We’ve posted about such issues here plenty of times. Take the story on Tumblr for example.

The Kodi 18.1 RC1 comes with plenty of new features that users are sure to appreciate. The overall interface is still the same in terms of color and theme. We saw users complain about Tumblr’s change in theme on an update. Might Kodi developers have been listening in on our discussion? They must be some sleek ninjas because I didn’t see any sign of them.

Will developers continue releasing Kodi 18.1 RC1 updates?

AS we have seen with most of the applications we use on the daily, bugs will always come up. Nothing ever works perfectly. The database might start sorting data incorrectly and the developers are called upon to release an update to fix the problem. Again we see how important the user is in software development in the modern world. Without user input, developers would never know about bugs or faults in the system. Some of  the improvements on the new Kodi release are:

  • Adds date to log records
  • Fixes the top 100 albums regression
  • Fix crash in PCSX rearmed with BIOS
  • Catch an exception while reading or writing a document
  • Handle empty vertex buffers in GUIFontTTFGL which caused a hard crash