Is RootlessJB better than the Full root Jailbreak option?

RootlessJB has made a huge impact in the Jailbreak community. We all know how annoying iOS constraints can be annoying. The main reason users jailbreak their devices is so as to gain access to modes that would usually be disabled. If you think about it, it’s quite convenient for developers or the curious minds out there. To me there are two kinds of people. There are those ones that confine to system they found already installed, and there are those that try to break out of the system. So which one are you? This is not to say that users that users that Jailbreak their devices are outlaws or anything of the sort.

What makes users pick RootlessJB?

There are two ways to Jailbreak an Apple device. The Rootless way or the Full root jailbreak option. The RootlessJB method that has been causing a lot of buzz of late is quite simple. Although it only gives you access only to the var directory, it is the safer option. Compared to the full root option, this one spares the system from incurring damages it can’t sustain. In other words, it doesn’t change much. Recently we posted about how a file manager had been made compatible with devices that used the rootless option. The major advantage this option has is the fact that it’s easier to hide the fact that the device is rooted from applications.

The full root option gives access right down to the ‘/’. This means that the user has full access. Furthermore, they can navigate the directory with limited constraints. Obviously, there are plenty of aspects to look at the two options. However, this is a somewhat educated approach. These are the core variables to the two methods. Programmers get the point. In lay mans language, if you want simplicity choose the rootlessJB option. If you’re a developer that enjoys complexity, have at the full root option. I guarantee that this is an accurate diagnosis.