Is gillette guilty of deleting comments on latest #metoo ad

We have just recently posted an article about how a #metoo joke may have caused the shutting down of a popular conference. Now a well-known brand is getting attacked because of a #metoo focused marketing campaign. Gillette.

Gillette is fresh from releasing ‘ We Believe: The Best Men Can Be’, a short story. It is quite easy to notice that the tittle of the story resembles their slogan ‘The best a man can get’. The video trying to drive the point that men should hold men accountable when they are on the wrong. That they should start holding themselves accountable to flaws in our system. It is based on the trending #metoo movement that is trying to make the society better by showing what males do wrong. The movement is currently causing a lot of buzz in the media considering the DerbyCon sad saga.

The video is however receiving a lot of heat from the public. There are reports of customers promising to never use Gillette products again. Customers that have used their products since their hormones started to work, loyal customers. Apparently, Gillette is deleting the highest rated comments in a bid to silence men. The customers  do not feel happy about how condescending the ad is.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing related to their products on the ad. The marketing team have been accused of living in tiny twitter bubbles that don’t represent the real world. Was the team wrong? Or there is an angle we’re not seeing?

Developments in this story have started to receive attention and word is starting to go round. Will this spell doom for their stocks? Time will tell.  The company is yet to respond to the allegations but we have our ears on the ground for any updates on the matter.