Is Apple Watch Series 4 capable of saving patients’ lives?

Apple has invested time and resources in various fields of technology. The phone industry that we know of so well is only a tip of the iceberg. Recently, we posted about Apple releasing a patent on facial recognition for cars. You can read about it here. This is quite impressive if you ask me. Fans have been asking why the company has not been refreshing it’s phone designs. Is it because their focus is elsewhere? To the future maybe? Facial recognition for cars sounds like the future to me. So does the Apple watch series 4. This device is set to monitor patients and inform of any abnormal activities.

Naturally, no one’s perfect. We all have flaws here and there. Health wise, I feel that the Apple Watch Series 4 will report not-so-serious abnormalities just to seem relevant. Not to critic the device, I find it quite convenient for patients who need constant monitoring.

Can the Apple Watch Series 4 save lives?

There has been stories that the Apple Watch Series 4 has really increased traffic in hospitals. I wonder if this is good news really. Well it is if you think about how we all need regular check ups. To say the truth, I haven’t been to a check up in the longest time. I’m quite sure if I bought the device I’d be in the hospital within the week. Furthermore, it’s good to care about your health. Reports of a nurse being rushed to hospital thanks to the gadget has left quite the buzz.

Apparently, the nurse was attending to a patient. She suddenly began to feel like she had run a marathon and her Apple Watch began to beep. Supposedly, her heart rate was close to 120 beats per minute. Which is quite abnormal. A normal heart should beat 72 times in a minute. Once she got to the hospital the doctors found out that she had a heart condition. However, it is not fatal. If that had happened to me, I’d never take off that watch.