iPhones to be assemblied in India in a bid to reduce prices in the region

Apple is always on people’s mouths. However of late the company has been receiving a lot of heat from the media. Most users feel that they are only after the money and that our requirements don’t matter any more. Although we’ve seen good leaks on the iPhone 11 set to be released this summer, users are still not satisfied. Compared to companies like Samsung, Apple seems to be under performing. With the big shots sets to release up to 6 flagship devices this year. They already released three of them recently- Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 plus and the Galaxy S10e. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Galaxy Fold.

Factories in India to start producing Apple devices

A deal that was seemingly in the books for a long time has finally been closed. The production of high end phones in India will be possible at last. A Wistron factory in the country has been given a green light by the ministry of Information Technology. This is good news for Apple because it will finally be able to circumvent the high tax that India slaps on imports. Such factors are what has crippled iPhone devices in the past in this region of the world. Due to the high taxes people will obviously avoid the business. We call it rationality by the consumer in general economics class.

Anyone can understand how importing devices from abroad then placing them on counters can make them be expensive. And of course the seller will still want to maximize on profits which leaves the user at a very hard place. Having to choose whether to invest that extra cash that would leave him or her hungry for a few days. When the iPhone devices start being produced in the factories inside the country this is expected to cut the cost by up to 40%. This is really impressive if you think about how many users they will gain as a result. India being one of the most populated counties in the world, there is no doubt about it.