iPhone XS / XS Max charging problems / issues post-iOS 12 update

We have seen many users complaining about battery issues after updating to the new iOS 12 on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: they won’t charge or charge extremely slow.

People experiencing this battery issue will notice that their device does not appear to be charging if it’s asleep when the Lightning cable is connected, but if they wake the device with the cable still plugged in, it immediately starts to charge. It’s possible that it was being charged all along, of course, and was just not waking the screen and making the charging sound like usual.

It’s most probably just a hardware issue with the USB or Dock connector or the wall adapter, but this could be a software issue that some quick solutions may fix. Follow the instructions in this article and we’ll get you help by offering several quick fixes to iPhone not charging or charging slowly problem in the iOS 12.

iPhone / iPad won’t charge post iOS 12 update

  • Always use the official Apple approved chargers. Using cheap cables that are low quality, will usually encounter an error that the cable is not compatible with the iPhone (or iPad). This may be causing the iPhone not to charge issue.
  • Hard reset your device. Press and hold down the On/Off button, continue to hold the button, then press and hold the Home button. Keep holding them until the screen turns back on and the Apple logo makes an appearance.
  • Check the lighting cable for signs of damage. Most of us are guilty of using a broken charging cable at some point. The exposed internal wires are a safety hazard and that might be why your iPhone or iPad won’t charge when you plug it in.
  • Changing the wall outlet or Apple lighting cable is also another option you can try.
  • Turn off your device and just charge it. Press and hold the Sleep/wake button then turn off your device when you see the “Slide to power off”. You can charge your device now.

iPhone / iPhone XS Max charging slowly post-iOS 12 update

If the problem lies with your device charging slower than usual, you may try these options to combat the problem.

  • Clean up the charging port of your iPhone or iPad. After some time, the lightning port of iPhone or iPad may get clogged with dirt or dust that significantly reduces the charging speed of your device. You can use a dry soft toothbrush to get the dirt out of the device’s charging port.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on Airplane mode while charging. In this way, you could make the battery charge faster.
  • Turn off iPhone/iPad while charging. You can charge your device faster by turning it off while charging.

We can expect this to be rectified very soon by an iOS software update in the near future by Apple.