iPhone XS And XS Max Ear Speaker / Earpiece Not Working

Apple’s latest iPhones came out only last month but they are already experiencing a lot of issues. At first, it was the LTE connectivity issues, and then it encountered a charging problem. Unfortunately, the list just keeps growing and now we have a problem related to speakers on our hands.

The latest problem says that the top speaker of the iPhone Xs or Xs Max’s earpiece speaker randomly just stop functioning while playing music. The glitch happens only happens while music is being played and calls are safe at the moment.

The following user complaints should give you an even better idea of the problem.

Users have been reporting that the speakers will randomly turn off once or twice a day. A reboot will fix the problem only temporarily. Others have noticed while listening to music or watching videos on their phone that sometimes the earpiece speaker does not function at all. All complaints were the same regarding the issue that the earpiece speaker stops to work, after a while and you have to restart it again to make it function again.

From Apple’s own online forum to Reddit, to other third-party forums, users are discussing this troublesome glitch everywhere.

However, after several attempts, it was concluded that a restart or reboot isn’t a permanent solution to the problem, as the issue keeps on occurring randomly. This conclusion does indicate that the problem lies in the software and it’s definitely not a hardware fault.

Here’s hoping Apple takes notice of the matter as soon as possible and comes up with a permanent fix sooner than later. Some iOS 12.1 beta users have also confirmed the problem persists on that module as well. Let’s hope the fix won’t take a long time to arrive.