iPhone XR vs Google Pixel 3a XL comparison

The war of the phones has been as intense as ever this year. The top dogs in the industry have been going hammer and tong without mercy. Huawei has been the surprise contender of the best camera this year. So far Samsung and Apple have had nothing to say about it. But with the Note 10 and iPhone 11 around the corner, that won’t be for much longer. Google has also joined the bigshots with the Google Pixel. Which brings us to today’s topic of discussion, iPhone XR vs Google Pixel 3a XL. The two devices are quite impressive if you ask me. Although when it comes down to it, most people will choose the Apple device. Let’s look at the specs and see why people make this choice.

Google Pixel 3a XL

There was a time the Google Pixel devices tried to look like Apple devices. This was viewed as a serious case of unoriginality. Something that the company has since strived to improve on. The story about the notch has been a very talked about topic this year. When Samsung took away its notch most people took it as a sign of the beginning of a new notch. Well, the Google Pixel 3a XL followed suit quite well.

The device packs a 6-inch OLED display that fans have been said to enjoy a lot. The processor this device houses is a product of Qualcomm. Most likely the Snapdragon 670 processor. In markets, it goes for around $399. This is quite an affordable price. Whether or not it wins the iPhone XR vs Google Pixel 3a XL battle is up to you.

iPhone XR

This device goes for around $749. Compared to the Google Pixel device this one is quite expensive. To some people, this automatically spells out its loss. However, the iPhone XR vs Google Pixel 3a XL battle is not that simple. RAM is also a big factor in the equation. This device comes with 3GB RAM, along with 64GB – 256GB of internal memory. I can’t imagine what I’d do with 256Gb of memory. I don’t think I’d have any use of my hard disk. The life of stealing movies from my friends’ laptops will have become much easier.

Apple has stayed with its notch even with the sudden migration. Apparently, it can’t be removed because it houses the FaceID senors. Removal of the notch would mean ultimate failure of the Face ID feature. And Apple can’t have that.