iPhone X stuttering animations continue to be a problem to keen users

According to 9to5Mac the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been having stuttering animations. This is not really a big problem but it adds to pressure the company is already looking to collapse under. Everybody is aware of the fact that their sales have taken a nosedive in recent times. The reason is unknown so far. Although users always have a theory to slap on to anything. The one doing rounds at the moment is the one where it is said that Apple doesn’t care about its users. Well, I kind of agree with this theory. If you factor in them not doing away with the notch technology when everybody is giving the users something new the scales tip against their favor.

Reportedly, the problem has been there for a while now. If it was a new glitch I don’t think we’d have so much info on the matter. Like the problem with the Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘proximity sensor’. No one is sure whether that is what it is yet. It could be something very different. Although it is hard to imagine what it could be. The glitch is seen even in the iOS 12.2 betas. The iPhone X stuttering animations sound like something really easy to correct. But doesn’t everything when you don’t know exactly what it took to build the software or product.

iPhone X stuttering animations video and discussion

Apple developers have proven to be quite effective. Although their hardware is assembled and shipped to them from China, the software bit is left to only them. This is why it is quite easy to tell apart a fake Apple device from a real make. I’ve seen counterfeit models with the wrong logo at the back. Instead of the Apple being partially missing the logo is a full Apple. You would imagine this would be easy to spot but ignorant users will surprise you.

I have realized that in order to notice this glitch you have to be really keen. Or have used iOS for a long time now.