Many Users Report iPhone X Display Color Problem After iOS 12 Update

Apple officially issued the iOS 12 update to iPhones and iPads on September 17 and reports from users have started coming in. As expected, a software update of this magnitude was bound to hit a few hiccups.

Surely enough, several posts on Reddit’s Apple subreddit, report that iPhone X users are less than happy with the updated operating system. The reason being, many experienced decreased display contrast levels, slightly unsaturated colors, overexposed black regions, and other issues with the color vibrancy, post-update.

The update comes after a series of bugs plagued iOS 11 and was issued in a bid to focus on improving performance. However, that strategy seems to have not worked for Apple after a new bug made its way into the iOS 12.

Several reports suggested that the color tones are significantly “washed out” and do not look to be quite the same anymore since the iPhone X received the iOS 12 update. Many users are actually unable to put their finger on what it is, that they believe to be wrong, simply stating that the vibrancy now appears “off.” Some have reported that turning True Tone off appears to be somewhat helpful in restoring color.

One user stated:

“Was searching to see if anyone else had this problem too. I definitely noticed that things look washed out with poor contrast. I tried turning off True Tone which made it better but I’m so used to True Tone now that I don’t know what to actually use.”

Some users reported that the Accessibility contrast feature was automatically enabled after updating, requiring them to manually disable it. This doesn’t fully eliminate the error, however, according to at least one user who says toggling the setting was not the least bit effective. The issue is allegedly present on both the iOS 12 interface and within apps.

This however, isn’t the first mention of washed out colors in iOS 12. Earlier this year, iPhone X users encountered issues with colors, saturation and contrast while using the beta version of the software. A thread on the MacRumors forum contains several reports and similar complaints following the public iOS 12 release.

The complaints are a bit of a disappointment since, as the first iPhone with an OLED display, the iPhone X’s biggest selling points was its much wider color display and improved contrast as compared to older iPhones with LCD screens.

It is unfortunate that the true cause of the color issue has been difficult to localize, because other changes in iOS 12 such as a new filtering technique (confirmed by Apple senior vice president) used by Apple to “improve text legibility” on some phone wallpapers and a new darker shade of gray used for folders has led to confusion between users when trying to identify the potential problem.

Apple has yet to make a comment on this issue but we can be sure, if there indeed is an issue, we can fully expect them to rectify it in a future update.