iPhone with USB-C port and iPod Touch 7 coming in 2019

2019 promises to be a very exciting year in the phone technology industry. Big shots, Apple, are obviously not being left behind. Reports from Macotakara , a Japanese site, informed fans of the iPod Touch that their long wait for an upgrade might be over. They have not refreshed the series for the past four years, but that might change this year. They plan to move the iPhone to USB-C like the iPad Pro in 2018.  Prayers for the release of iPod Touch 7 will surely be in plenty this year.

The part about moving to the USB-C port is very viable. The former about giving the iPod Touch some love is raising a few eyebrows. The fact that they have neglected the series since 2015 goes to say that there should have been a higher chance of them removing it from stocks than refreshing it. The company does not even try that hard to sell the product. We’re always talking about the likes of iPhone X these days, is the iPod Touch age over? It is completely possible for them to come up with a new low-end non-iPad iOS device. Whether or not they choose to do so is another matter. Given the device’s handicap in cellular connection, it seems to be unlikely. However, considering Apple has the iPhone 5s wildcard, iPod Touch 7 seems logic. Filling the void left by the 5s will be the iPod Touch 7.

Macotakara reports are vague in both it’s posts with the use of touchy words like ‘might’. The report says that Apple ‘might’ move the iPhone to USB-C this year. This looks very possible since they already did a test-drive with the technology on the iPad Pro. Since the iPhone is still so far from being announced, there is enough time to speculate and gather updates on proceedings.