Apple rumored to launch iPhone Pro this year

Apple needs to do something to restore itself to the top of the food chain. At the moment, it seems like Samsung and Huawei are well ahead of the well-known tech giant. Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S10, its market value has risen along with its following. Although the device has been suffering from a number of bugs and glitches, it has still made good sales. After all, there is no product that is perfect. The only thing they need to do is solve the problems with a system update. Apple has been rumored to be releasing up to five phones this year. By the look of things at the moment, this news is quite unbelievable. But every user welcomes the idea of finally seeing the iPhone Pro. A device said to be an improvement of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

There have been concepts that have the same iPhone story we have all grown accustomed to. An iPhone 6 like design. To say the truth, the recent iPhone releases have looked quite alike in terms of hardware design. Some aspects of software are very different but what customers see first is also important. Take Samsung for example, the new revamped display has done well for them. The punch hole technology they incorporated onto their Galaxy S10 device has received a lot of positive reviews. Is it time for the Apple devices to finally change their looks? They have been reluctant to do away with conventions such as the punch hole due to the Face ID feature. Three of the five models expected from Apple are said to be improvements of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

It has been clear from a test conducted by fanatics that the iPhone XS Max is still on the same level as the Samsung flagship. A durability test showed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is not as durable as the developers had thought. Suffering defeat at the hands of the iPhone XS Max. It was sad for Samsung fans considering the Galaxy S10 is supposedly the most durable phone in the world. The next two models that the giant will release will be what the market is referring to as the iPhone Pro. The mention of it started a while back, and still, the wait continues. WIll we finally see it grace the markets this year? Personally, I hope to see it this September.