iPhone preferred as next smartphone by most users

Apple has really grown into quite the franchise over the years, Gaining quite the following in America and all around the world. Since almost everybody wants to be like America. Can you blame them? After all, the country was called the land of dreams when people were moving in. Who wouldn’t like the sound of that? I know I would. Even though they have been doing well, competition seems to be on the rise. Companies such as Samsung and Huawei are doing the most to cut Apple sales in Europe and Asia even lower. By the close of last year, Apple had made unimpressive sales in those two regions. However, so far they have not done anything about it. Apart from revamping the AirPods and releasing the PowerBeats Pro. Most teenagers would, however, choose the device as their next smartphone.

iPhone preferred as the next smartphone for 86% of teenagers in the US

Not many people support their own like Americans. Well, everyone is busy trying to copy them and promote them. Sometimes I wonder how they got to convince everyone that they were somehow better than the rest of us. The iPhone is better than most smartphones to say the truth. As it stands, only Huawei and Samsung can claim otherwise. Huawei not so much come to think of it. All they did was knock Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus off the top of the camera charts. Even though it is quite a mean achievement, it is just one achievement. The iPhone has a long list of belts they’ve had on their waist. No wonder 86% of teenagers in the USA want an Apple device as their next smartphone. I bet they all can’t wait to see the iPhone 11 launch. The concepts and leaks available have done enough to hype them up I’m sure.

But there are areas where Apple has really suffered. For example, there have been reports suggesting that users might be tired of the same old design. Maybe it’s time to change the iPhone look. Whether or not they will do this is completely impossible to say. With their vast resources, it should not be so hard. What matters, however, is do they really want to do it? Or is the rumor about them only caring about profits true? Either way, only time can reveal what will happen. Samsung is ready to release four more models around the time Apple is releasing its first flagship. It seems odd comparing these two all of a sudden. One side seems to be winning by a landslide.