iPhone 11 rear camera might get a boost according to recent reports

There has been a lot of talk about Apple this year. What camera technology will they use? Will they reduce the size of their notch? At the moment, it is hard to say. But fan concepts are doing well to at least give a rough idea of what we should expect. Recently reports indicate that iPhone 11 might have shifted lenses.

There has been rumors that iPhone 11 might have different camera technology, but none was confirmed. Sources that spoke to CompareRaja have now confirmed that Apple is going to move the camera to the center at the top of the device. Since their first device, the camera has always been located at the top-left corner. The winds of change are truly blowing.

Such a major decision is quite uncharacteristic of them. We have known them to be suttle and quite soft in switching gears. Take for example the notch trend. Most companies are moving away from notches. Samsung apparently is introducing a hole kind of design to completely do away with the notch. Oppo on the other hand came up with the full-HD idea that seems to be working great for them. Apple is still rocking the same old notch it had two years ago. Should they style up? Or do they consider such features hallmarks to their greatness? I think they should embrace the winds of change.

What is new?

A recent report posted here indicated that iPhone 11 might incorporate a triple camera technology. This leak confirms the rumor. The phone will come with a new blue shade that has not been seen before. Such simple tactics are quite effective if you were able to see the bigger picture. Sadly, only rich CEOs can do that the rest of us can only read about it. 5G technology will have to wait before it completely launches, this report shows no sign of the tech. A surprise addition was the 4000mAh battery. Quite an improvement from their recent releases.