iPhone 11 might have 3 rear cameras according to prototype schematics

We are still at the beginning of the year. This means that the release of the iPhone 11 is still quite far. The iPhone consumer community is however already itching for leaks this early on. Creatives are coming up with concept images and videos based on current technology. The video that shows the possibility of 3 rear cameras was based on the latest available schematics. Renders that are also a result of the same schematics are seen in the video.

These concepts show that the iPhone 11 will look very much like it’s predecessors, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The only conspicuous difference is the 3 rear view cameras. The iPhone has made the 2 rear view camera look a sort of hallmark for their products. Almost all of the iPhone’s recent releases have it.

The introduction of a third camera will raise some questions when it comes to incorporating the hardware. They might need to add a camera bump, something we haven’t seen in their previous works. Camera bumps have always faced skepticism because they are somewhat fragile. It also does not go well with the sleek design Apple has offered ever so well in the past. But you never know, there is still time for changes.

The video was made by a You Tuber called Waqar Khan. It is a good watch and is up to the standards of an iPhone promotional video. The phone will supposedly come in three colors – space gray, silver and gold. iPhone 11 will also have a notch but lack in the fingerprint sensor technology, according to the video. Some users were hoping for the return of Touch identification, not this year. iPhone is not expected to unveil real details till summer. So brace yourselves, there is a lot more to come!