iPhone 11 concept shows how the new iPhone might look like

If there is anything to learn from the 2019 smartphones, it’s that time moves fast. Personally, I had never imagined that we would be this far into the future at this point. features such as wireless charging were far from my imagination. But here we are. Apple is not set to release its flagship device until well into summer, as is the tradition. But we all know that leaks and concepts are a force that cannot be stopped. In fact, some users really enjoy them. They act as a look into a future possibility, who doesn’t want that. Recently, a new iPhone 11 concept surfaced. It spoke of improvements the users have been begging for. Like for example, a change in design.

iPhone 11 concept features and improvements

Apple has stuck to almost the same design since the iPhone 6. Honestly, users are tired of the same old thing. What makes Apple so confident about their devices is the assurance that their American market will comply. It’s the reason they only pay attention to users on that side of the world. Not to say that the rest of us do not matter to them. According to the iPhone 11 concept, the edges will be square this time. While the design will be flat, different from the rumors that spoke of a slab for the new camera tech. Although the triple camera idea still stands. the camera will also come along with the oblong flash. This new feature will help revolutionize the iPhone camera experience.

If there is something I like about Apple, it is the fact that they produce very high-quality goods. For this reason alone is why the American market will never abandon them. Android devices might try all they can to overthrow them but it is quite a herculean task. The iPhone 11 concept indicates that the device will feature a split screen feature. Which will make using multiple apps concurrently much easier. No longer will you need to close your facebook app for you to access your WhatsApp messages. Isn’t that great? If Apple can come up with this concept they might be well on their way back to the top of the food chain.

The processor is also being improved to an A13 model. This will enable process executions to be much faster. Apart from all that, the concepts implement the USB-C port. A port that has been believed to offer the fastest and safest charging method. Apple need a win, let’s hope they can pick a few notes from this concept.