iPad mini 5 said to be a likely disappointment to fans as leaks sip in

There has been plenty of rumors about upcoming Apple products. Ranging from the face recognition feature for cars to the ones about the iPhone 11. The iPad mini 5 is on the 2019 line-up as well. Any fan would say that it has been long enough! Reports about the possible release of a iPad mini have been confirmed by plenty of sources. Us being among them. Not long ago we posted about the not-so-appealing features that were rumored to be on the device. You can read about it here. It’s sad that we’re back at it again. Why can’t Apple emulate the likes of One Plus. Of whom appear to be lead in the race to 5G capability.

However, the iPad mini 5 is not intended to be one of their high end devices. I would imagine iPhone 11 would do a better job at that. Furthermore, the average citizen should also have a piece of the cake. By this I mean Apple needs to have affordable devices. Like now, I can’t imagine buying an iPhone. I don’t think I can afford it. Even though I am completely in love with the upcoming dark mode feature. Reports indicate that it will be rolled out in the iOS 13. An OS that is likely to be on the iPhone 11. Again, way above my pay grade.

Features in the iPad mini 5

Users were really looking forward to the face ID feature. The feature can be used to unlock screens just by bringing the front camera in view of your face. Isn’t that cool? Well, I think so. I find that always having to type in my password to pick a new song is tiring. Since this is just a leak, this might change. However, signs have been pointing to the contrary. Nevertheless, Apple has surprised us before. Maybe the iPad mini 5 is a sort of triumph card. Designed to make us think it will suck, then it doesn’t. I know, reaching.

Apple has been accused of simply being after the money, User satisfaction is no longer a priority. Let’s wait and see then.