iPad mini 5 rumored to miss out on refreshed design

Apple have already set themselves up for the year ahead. Although their devices this year do not look as exciting as some releases coming into the market. Their 2019 releases will include the iPhone 11. Already there has been a lot of buzz about it in phone industry as fans are unable to hold in their excitement. Samsung on the other hand looks to also remain relevant by refreshing it’s hardware design. They decided to do away with the notch technology. Something Apple remains stubborn about. The iPad mini 5 is also scheduled to be refreshed this year, fans have been waiting for news concerning the device for a while now.

It is sad to say that recent reports indicate that these news were fake. The company has no intention of refreshing the series’ hardware design. Initially, the plan was to refresh the iPad mini so that there remains low end options for the less fortunate. As the iPhone 5 and 5s prepare to be faced out of markets, the iPad mini 5 is set to take their place on the food chain.

Is there anything new on the iPad mini 5?

Before the end of last year, companies had made promises about incorporating 5G tech. This looks to have been all talk as there has been no pointers showing the likelihood of a 5G device from Apple. Is it that they are unable to do it? In terms of resources, I believe that few best the much coveted company. However, their sales have been taking a dive the past few years and this has them thinking solely about profits. We all know that if money is your motivation you can only be so efficient.

The news isn’t all bad as reports say that the device might have a new CPU. One that will resemble the one on the A10X. Will the market appreciate the new iPad mini 5? Or will the sales go even lower? Time will tell. Stay tuned and feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below.