iPad mini 5 and iPad 7 to be released before July of this year

DigiTimes reported that Apple while be getting themselves ready to release two new devices. The published article seems to be basing their facts on Apple’s hardware suppliers. Components necessary to bring rise to two new iPad devices are in transit. Every Apply device has a ‘made in china‘ mark even though the company’s headquarters are in California. Fans following news about the iPad mini 5 and iPad 7 release will be glad to hear that the devices might be out by July.

Touchscreen providers are supposedly gearing themselves up to provide Apple with parts. The devices in development are being described as ‘entry-level’ model iPads. Reports also suggest that the company will be completely refreshing the iPad mini series. It has been a long time coming. iPad 7 will have an updated screen size to succeed the 9.7-inch released last year.

iPad mini 5 and the iPad 7 will be viable options for customers who avoid overspending. The iPad pro goes for $700, a high price for the average worker. In 2018, Apple released an iPad that cost $329, the new releases will also range around there when they hit markets. Additional information about specifications in terms of hardware were however not provided. The report only talked about the device being released within the first six months of 2019.

Tech gurus however doubt if the entry-level models will have advanced technology.  Specs such as the Face ID looks to only stay with the iPad Pro. Such features are what will separate the iPad 7 from the iPad Pro. The difference in price is also starting to make sense. Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, stated that Apple intended to release a new low-priced iPad mini. He also confirmed the rumors that Apple may be thinking about minor improvements on previous hardware.

Apple updates for the iPad have always come in March or April. This reports fall in line with this statistic, proving this article’s reliability.