iOS 13 finally brings dark mode along with a new iPad home screen

Is UI perfection important?

In the modern age, themes are a very important aspect of the UI. What users see first is very important for their experience. Apple users have always praised the company for their simple user interface. Compared to Oppo whose UI users complain to be quite hard to use. I guess it’s a question of preference, because I love the display on my Oppo. We recently posted an article talking about iOS 13. About how they had been spotted on websites. This article explains how the new release intends to have dark mode. If they do this, I want an iPhone. To me along with many other users around the world would appreciate this feature.

Many applications available in stores have the dark theme feature, irrespective of whether of not it is running on an iOS 13 enabled phone. The ability to just hit a switch and change the whole outlook is quite impressive. Recent Apple releases such as the iPhone X came with OLED displays. This means that users are able to change some part of the white background to black but not completely. Not in the way that will be possible in iOS 13. An advantage that comes with this is longer battery life. We all know how Apple’s devices struggle with battery life. Is this a solution to the problem? Could be. When the device is on dark mode, the brightness won’t be high and hence battery usage will be low.

Apple is not only known for its good cameras, but also its hardware. IPads are known to have brilliant hardware, better than some PCs even. They have always suffered on the software side of things since they don’t have a following like Android’s. The iOS 13 however seeks to remedy this problem. Users will be able to open several instances of applications without lags or crash outs.

Talks of streaming services have become quite common in recent months. Apple is supposedly also on the hunt for a subscription service that would compete with Netflix. To compete with Netflix, the product needs to be brilliant in every way. Let’s wait and see what they come up with.