iOS 13 concept shows possibility of split view

Apple fans are really looking forward to seeing what they get this year. Since the company took a hit in terms of sales in Europe and Asia, they will be looking for a comeback. The only way to bounce back from such a defeat is to give the users what they want. Identifying why they left in the first place and solving that problem. Recently, an iOS 13 concept gave users an exciting new look at the possibilities. While fans were waiting for a simple dark mode improvement, this concept comes with a split view. A feature that many users would love to have. Being able to multitask is something that if realized efficiently would win back a lot of the support they have lost. Although it will take more than just that to lure users away from the red hot Samsung devices.

iOS 13 concept features

The iOS 13 concept shows that Apple will finally revamp the hardware design. Its devices have been similar since the iPhone 6, this will have to change if they are to make progress. With square edges, the device looks very futuristic. I believe that this is what users want, a futuristic design that keeps up with the trends. The iOS 13 concept also showed that touch ID would also be making a comeback. The good part is that it will be onscreen. Most devices that have this feature usually put it at the back of the device. Placing it on the screen would surely earn them bonus points for creativity.

Another feature that has me wooed is the underwater mode. There is nothing I fear more than my phone falling into the water. I have lost two of my past devices in this way. So an iPhone that can survive underwater will be really attractive. For sure fans are already imagining taking pictures under the ocean water during the festive season in December. By that time they will be already an old product in the market. A recent report explained that Apple couldn’t move away from the notch technology because of the Face ID sensors. To prove the point, the Face ID was revamped in the concept and there was still a notch. Although it looked different from the past ones. Originality is something rare in the market nowadays. But if there is someone who can be original, it’s Apple. Furthermore, they have so much to prove this year.