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iOS 12 Glitch: iMessages Are Being Sent To Wrong People

A new iOS 12 feature is causing a major glitch for some Apple users.

The feature in question was actually intended to merge chats you had with iOS device users who have multiple phone numbers and emails.

What sounded like a major improvement that organizes and tidies up your Messenger app and keeps conversations organized in a single thread turned out to malfunction in a big way.

iOS 12 device users are reaching out to Apple’s Support Communities forums to share similar reports that the latest version of Apple’s operating system is malfunctioning and merging contacts that belong to entirely separate individuals. Users are reporting that their messages intended for only one person are being delivered to, for example, both their husband and child or their mother and father thanks to the glitch.

Messages being delivered to unintended third parties could very well spell out disaster for those gossiping among friends or someone cheating on their significant other!

Most of the cases being reported online, show the affected users all appear to be in an immediate family relationship. Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, siblings, and children — leading to the discovery that the glitch could very likely stem from all these family members sharing the same Apple ID. It seems to be the basis on which iOS 12 is determining which iMessages and contacts to combine together.

This eliminates the possibility of a bug but indicates Apple not accounting for its users having utilized its features in unintended ways. It seems to confirm that Apple is determining which messages to merge based on phone numbers and emails that share the same Apple ID.

Each individual is expected to have their own Apple ID. One reason families might be sharing an Apple ID is to monitor children’s activity, for instance, while making App Store purchases.

While some users have tried setting up individual Apple IDs post iOS 12 malfunction but that does not appear to be salvaging the situation for those whose contacts have already combined.

Another issue encountered with the combined chats is that there doesn’t appear to be a way to manually separate contacts in Messenger once the iOS 12 glitch mistakenly merges them.

It’s unclear just how widespread the problem is. While it does sound like the problem is only affecting iOS 12 users, it’s still unclear about how its impacting individuals who never shared Apple IDs.

We’re still waiting on Apple for a comment.