iOS 12.1 release date: Here’s when Apple might release it for download

The fourth beta of iOS 12.1 was inducted to the public by Apple today. It will surely introduce new upgraded features necessary for the iPhone XR releasing soon.

There is a good chance that the iOS 12.1 operating system will be making its debut with the iPhone XR releasing on October 26.

But Apple has enabled the download for the iOS 12.1 beta 4 for those wish to do so now before the actual release. You can operate the pre-release software by signing up to the Apple Beta Software Program and download it. It’s a free and hassle-free way.

But our advice would be to caution restraint for now since its risky business downloading a pre-release software no matter how successful it has run in the past.


Updates in iOS 12.1

Those willing to download will finally be getting a Group FaceTime for upto 32 people at the same time. However everyone participating in the chat will need to be running a beta of iOS 12.1.

Other features will include over 70 new emojis inclusive of curly-haired, gray and redheads and bald individuals. Softballs, skateboards, and frisbees are the other additions for sports. Meanwhile animal and food emojis have expanded to include kangaroos, lobsters, bagels, and cupcakes now.

You can also adjust the background blur was photos also known as bokeh in real time now. Before it could only be adjusted after the photo was taken already. The feature has already been improved in the portrait mode for both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

The eSIM iPhone support is also live with the proper setup menus.

The referencing of “iPad2018fall” is also something to look forward to. The new iPad pro is expected to release in October and all rumors suggest a bezel-reduced device, with a TrueDepth camera for Face ID and Memoji. There is plenty of evidence that indicates Animoji and Memoji are going to be supersized on Apple’s tablet very soon.

The iOS 12.1 official launch date is projected for an October release, However Apple also has new versions of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS in the pipeline as well. So the release dates for them could be the same as the iOS 12.1.