iOS 12.1.4 compared to iOS 12.1.3 in terms of battery life

iOS devices have always bugged users when it comes to battery life. I have a classmate with an iPhone 8, his device loses charge twice as fast as mine. I own an Oppo F7, yes Oppo is that good. To say the truth, everyone has their own preference. One person can sacrifice RAM for a cool camera while to the other that sounds completely absurd. However, I tend to think that the question of battery life is somehow universal.

Sometimes the Operating System might affect the battery life of a device. So if for example I switched from iOS 12.1.4 to iOS 12.1.3, this may affect my device’s battery positively or negatively. It is hard to tell which way it will go because there are many variables to consider. A YouTube channel called iAppleBytes recently posted a very interesting video. In it they took various iPhone devices – iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and try to see the difference in battery.

For example, they would take the iPhone 6 and install iOS 12.1.3. Then install iOS 12.1.4 on the iPhone 7 and time the battery life. The vice versa can also be done for the sake of being thorough. The video can be found on YouTube if you would like a much clearer description.

The test was quite interesting because it is a really touchy subject. In the end I personally didn’t see much of a difference because the ranges were quite short. The point is Apple should really work on their battery. There are few worse fears than the one where you need to meet someone or go somewhere then your phone gives you a battery low notification. It’s usually quite annoying if you think you had left the phone to charge the whole night. The fact that Apple devices are yet to implement fast charging adapters is another story.

As the likes of Samsung move on to reverse charging and the like, I feel Apple should be there too. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.