iOS 12.1.2 Jailbreak Update: What’s the status?

Apple has released their new iOS 12.1.3 to the public. This is the latest version of the operating system. Apple seem to be having a lot going on since talks of the iOS 13 have already began. 2019 is truly going to be a year full of surprises in the phone industry. There is no player that is clearly ahead of the rest like in recent years. Apple has done well for itself to maintain the high standards, but will they pull it off this year? Time will tell. Reports say that a lot of progress has been made of the iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak.

Will we see iOS 12.1.2’s jailbreak?

The Twitter world indicates that the jailbreak will be available to the users via the public domain soon enough. Posts from well-known jailbreak communities have fans excited even before it is officially released. We need to get used to this by now. There will never be a device that will hit the markets before prior reviews like this one. The device or technology however has to be something worth waiting for. Something like the iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak.

Jailbreaking your iOS is much like routing to Android phone users. It helps the users get access to applications or features that would have otherwise been disabled. There are three ways through which to jailbreak your iOS:

  • Tethered Jailbreak – This requires you to connect your device to your mac and jailbreak it using a software. Most people use this method as it is easier to understand.
  • Untethered Jailbreak – This only available to versions before the iOS 11.
  • Semi- tethered Jailbreak – Trying to run this can be quite frustrating since the device was not meant to be jail broken. This method requires the user to re-run the process once the device has restarted.

The tweets suggest that all technology required for the iOS 12.1.2 jailbreak is in place. This means that the release date is very soon. Although we all know how inconsistent these kind of reports might be. There is no way it is already a done deal, the ever-changing jailbreak community is too intricate to read into. However, the news is positive for fans that can’t wait for it to drop.

Jailbreaks are hard to develop and it usually takes time for developers to launch it, hence the slow releases. Take for example the FIFA 19 PC compatible release. The official game always comes out in December of every year, but for PCs it takes a little longer.