Instagram screenshot notification bypass for both iOS and Android users.

Since 2010, Instagram has taken the social media-verse by storm. It has been 8 years now and they are still on an upward curve in terms of stocks. It seems that since Facebook took the wheel it has been nothing but a blessing. Many tech fans may think Facebook to be greedy because of how they keep purchasing the competition. Even WhatsApp has fallen victim to the giant. They have also been on the rise as a result. Introducing features like the status section that wasn’t there in the beginning. In the recent past, a story has come to our attention that brings a lot of heat to the company. The Instagram screenshot notification is our topic of the day.

Instagram has many features that have had positive reviews. For example, the new feature that lets you add music to posts. We talked about it in a past article we published. You can read about it here. The fact that they might roll out the Instagram screenshot notification is not appreciated by all the users out there. Only users that value privacy abstraction will appreciate this feature. Personally, I think it is not a good idea to copy the Snapchat feature. Snapchat users have been known to not appreciate the feature themselves. But most people who use this app are often in the states.

Apart from this, the company had tried to change the home tab design. They had tried to move away from the scrolling up and down design. The posts would be moving sideways. This update was only available for a few users before they rolled it back. It was believed that it was a hack on their servers. I, however, have strong doubts about this story. It could have been a cover-up for their flawed design. To me, the new design would have really changed how we look at the application as a whole.

Instagram Screenshot Notification by-pass

On the iOS devices, first, you should switch to airplane mode. After this, you can uninstall the app, switch off the airplane mode then reinstall the app again. On Android devices, you have to switch to airplane mode then take the screenshot. After this, all you have to do is to force stop on your device and you’ll be set to relaunch the app.