Instagram launched new feature that let users change usernames

Since it was launched, Instagram has been a good addition to the social media line-up. Being a Twitter for pictures, it has gained a lot of popularity. Mostly because of the picture aspect, who doesn’t like taking pictures? I know I do. When I learned to use the application, I forgot all about Facebook. Compared to Instagram, its UI doesn’t stand a chance. Normally, you only get two shots at changing your username. I find this feature quite annoying because I can think about around three names I want to change my username to. But not to worry, there is a new feature that allows users to change their Instagram usernames with the option of reverting back within two weeks. The two weeks is grace period just in case you decide the name doesn’t suit you.

Few people can survive without social media in this time and age. Most people have gotten so used to it that they are on there all the time. Personally, I find it hard to not launch the app at least ten times a day. The good part about Instagram is that it learns your likes. At the search tab there always posts that the user prefers, or are similar to past likes and searches. This way you’ll find that most users enjoy just opening the app for no reason because they will obviously find something that interests them. Also, memes have become a sort of culture. My search tab is filled with mems, they crack me up. One of the many things that bind me to the application.

Instagram usernames are sometimes weird. Plus you can never know whether it is the user’s real name. The number of accounts that are under the name ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ is so many. And we know for a fact that there is only one footballer that goes with that name. Recently, we talked about their Instagram music feature. It allows you to add music on your posts. I find this quite convenient because now the posts will become more interesting. We all know how music makes everything better.

I hope Instagram continues on this upward curve. Ever since they went under Facebook’s wing it has seemed to prosper. Although in the beginning, it looked like Facebook simply wanted to eliminate competition. But it seemed they planned to do the exact opposite. Stay tuned for more reports on the story.