Instagram is crashing for some users as app keeps closing

Instagram is crashing for some users and word is starting to go round. The company has done well in offering user-friendly services up until now. There have been negative reports all over the web about the application of late. PiunikaWeb was at the front line with the reports about the social network deleting fan pages. Why would they do that? This act has angered a lot of users and more and more people are beginning to notice. Talks about how the service now notifies users when a screenshot of their photo is taken are not in low tones any more.

Social media fans value a bit of privacy. The point of a social media account is putting yourself out there, but when people can know when I take screenshots of their photos, it ruins the fun. Snapchat were lead in this new venture. They received a lot of heat for the new functionality but they didn’t bring it down. Users on Snapchat can also tell when someone takes a screenshot of their posts. Are they copying Snapchat? Or is it better to notify users when people ‘steal’ their photos.

On twitter a lot of users are complaining that Instagram is crashing. The app keeps glitching and crashing after some time. Most users have not experienced this first hand but there have been a good number of reports. A number that cannot be ignored. The glitch is supposedly being experienced by more of iPhone users than Android. Apple being a bigger organisation, you’d think the app would work better for them.

Currently, there is no information communicating the reason for the problem. We are unable to pinpoint where the problem is situated exactly but hope Instagram will release a comment about it. For those affected, try to uninstall then install the app again. The bug might go away if you apply this home-made solution, won’t hurt to try.