Instagram And SoundCloud Partner Up To Bring Out Long-Awaited Feature

You no longer need to screenshot your SoundCloud tracks and then post them on your Instagram stories.

The two social media giants have partnered up to introduce a feature where listeners can share the songs on their playlist and post them directly to their Instagram stories from the SoundCloud app.

The news of the Instagram and SoundCloud collaboration mirrors the partnership between Instagram and Spotify earlier in May.

How Does The Feature Work?

All users have to do once they download the latest version of the app is find the song they want to post on Instagram and then click the share option at the bottom of the screen. Then they need to select the “Share to Instagram Stories” option and hit send. It will then share the song link with all of their Insta followers by making the song appear directly in the story.

However, not to forget that sharing from SoundCloud will only add a sticker to the Instagram story, and to hear the track, users will have to click the “Play on SoundCloud” link and then listen to the song in the SoundCloud app. The new feature does not automatically add a soundtrack to your Insta story.

We bet all you Instagram influencers can’t wait to try out the new feature as soon as possible. And it looks like you won’t have to wait at all to start adding the latest finds from SoundCloud to Instagram stories after all. The new sharing feature is already available to roll out to both iOS and Android users on October 23, with it being set to be available from the latest versions of each app respectively.

However it seems that’s not the only music related news Instagram has revealed to users.

The photo-sharing app has recently enabled users to easily add background music to their Instagram stories.

So, now you have the option to look for a song and artist of your choice or you can even search through the plethora of songs by choosing the genre or what’s most popular at the moment- Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, you decide. Happy listening y’all.