Indian Counter-Strike Pro Player ‘Forsaken’ Caught Cheating During Tournament

An embarrassing moment occurred at the Extremesland Zowie Asia CS:GO 2018 tournament when a professional Counter-Strike player was caught cheating!

The player identified as Nikhil Kumawat was captured on video committing the unethical act. The act led to the disqualifying of his entire team, OpTic India from the tournament taking place in Shanghai.

The cheating incident reported by Dotesports , shows a video provided by the tournament’s official Twitter channel.  An official can be seen examining Kumawat’s terminal in the video. What added to the awkwardness of the situation was the fact that he had to be restrained by the administration as he attempted to delete the hack in his panic at being caught.

Thus resulting in a straight up dismissal of Kumawat and his team OpTic India from the event with a $10,000 prize. His teammates claim they had no prior knowledge of his cheating and would not tolerate any such unethical means of winning.

Adding salt to injury, this isn’t the first time Kumawat has been under the radar for cheating. According to Dotesports, he got a six-month ban from the Esports league for getting a Valve  Anti-Cheat ban in Counter-Strike just last year in 2017.

The cheat Kumawat used to rig the game is believed to be an aimbot program to lock onto opponents. The picture below shows the image concealing the files.

Details gathered from pictures at the event show Kumawat gathering his stuff and leaving, the rest of his teammates standing around, looking disappointed. On his computer screen, a file explorer window can be clearly seen showing a suspicious-looking program cleverly disguised as “word.exe.”

Esports writer Rod Breslau reported on the actual events that took place during the tournament on Twitter. According to his details, Kumawat’s crosshair is visibly snapping to enemies and locking onto them whenever he gets points near them. At one point in the game, he even fired a burst of shots at a wall that perfectly track an enemy hiding behind it, a hidden enemy that he couldn’t possibly see for himself.

“We want to apologize to all the other teams and organizations involved. It is unfair for everyone involved. We also want to apologize to our country and to the fans who have supported us. This will be a big setback for the country, and it is really unfortunate that one selfish person is capable of causing this.” Jesal Parekh, the director of international development for OpTic India, apologized in his statement to the esports news site HLTV. He also firmly reiterated that the other four players on the team had no knowledge of Kumawat’s cheating.

OpTic India soon released an official statement confirming that Kumawat’s contract had been terminated. Other players of the team had also been released to further investigate and assess the situation.

This isn’t the first time a cheating scandal has been part of an Esports tournament event and it certainly won’t be the last. The highly coveted prize and glory of the tournament raises the stakes and entices some individuals to take such a distasteful step.