Huawei P30 Pro sending a lot of ripples in the industry

In my opinion, Huawei has been the closest competitor to Samsung. Where the rest have failed Huawei has conquered. Samsung has had the upper hand for a while now. With additions such as wireless charging and the new Galaxy buds. It is known that Huawei is thinking of a way to match both of these. With their flagship device less than a week away fans are excited to see how it will go. Supposedly, the device will be launched in Paris on the 26th of March. The device’s name is Huawei P30. There will also be a Huawei P30 Pro that is set to be released on the same day as well. However, the question remains, will it match the Samsung Galaxy S10 release? If it does this will be really good for the industry. Competition is a big part of the development and moving forward of a company.

Will the Huawei P30 match the Galaxy S10?

There have already been some leaks on the internet that users can’t wait to confirm. We all know that patents and fan concepts don’t get it a hundred percent right most of the time. Among the specs that make the Galaxy S10 so great is the Snapdragon processor. This processor makes the device faster than most of the Samsung S10 predecessors we’ve seen in the past. Huawei P30 aims to match this with an excellent 7nm Kirin 980 processor. Whether or not this will make it faster than the Samsung release is still up for debate. March 26th isn’t far, we will know soon. The device will also include a quad-camera system on the rear. I am yet to see a Huawei camera that’s better than Samsung’s, is it finally time? We shall see.

There have been reports suggesting the Huawei P30 will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. Usually, there is usually a small area designated to hold the fingerprint scanners. If they are able to establish it on the whole screen then they will stand a chance in the market. It is important that products have unique features to help them sell more. We saw how the punch hole display was welcomed by users. It seems it isn’t that hard to make users happy. Apple needs to take notes. The new camera system being employed will be capable of hybrid zoom. Something we haven’t seen in the other devices.

Since the launching date is near, let’s sit tight and brace for impact. Be sure that we will give updates when the device has been released. Check back on the 27th of this month.