Huawei devices not letting users download images from Twitter [REPORT]

Twitter boasts of having a large community of users. Matched by only Facebook the company seems to be growing each day. So when Huawei devices start experiencing problems with such a huge social media platform, this spells doom for them. Recent reports suggest that the devices are unable to download images from the Twitter app. When prompted to save an image, the phones are displaying a notification that suggests Twitter is deleting them. This is highly unlikely.

During installation of an application, there are certain permission the user agrees to. Although most of us never bother to read the user agreements, Twitter knows they are liable to persecution if they infringe the agreement. The problem however is only being experienced by China users. If we didn’t know any better, we’d conclude that Huawei are trying to ruin Twitter’s good name. But we know better. We know the company is aware of the repercussions that come with such a foul move. Plus the Huawei servers might just be experiencing a glitch that affects the Twitter app. How likely is that?

Huawei devices run a different ROM compared to other international devices. This might be a problem for Chinese units alone. Huawei devices overseas should be just fine.

There is always two sides of a story

Some reports are coming up claiming that the problem might be with the recent Twitter update. Twitter recently added a new version of their app. Reverting back to a recent release should be a viable work-around till the problem is solved. Other users are complaining that the issue is sharing and not downloading.

In the past, such issues have sometimes ended up being a domestic issue. We all know of the tension between China and the US. Truly when two bulls fight, the grass is what weeps(African proverb meaning when two giants fight, it is the little ones that suffer).